Life Update : 2017

Hugeeee hug and kisses to all! Guys, how long has it been since the last time? Haha takder la lama mana pun :p

I (actually) hardly find any free time for me to update my blog cuz aaaaaaaaall the time that god has given me is actually for Himself and my studies. Sekarang tengan cardiovascular system...... class 8-5 almost everyday, so kena pandai cari waktu to revise ( my test is on Friday what am I doing right now... gosh)

Ok, study-wise. Two weeks ago, we've gotten our very first semester result. Only god knows betapa kami menjadi hamba paling tawaddu' dalam berdoa agar kami lulus (haha lepas solat, setan balik). Alhamdulillah, most of us lulus but hanya dua tiga ketui ja tak lulus but that doesnt mean, thats it. No. Theres still chances to make improvements over past mistakes, kan? I hope my friends yang couldn't pass the first semester would be better this time! We are not quitters! May Allah help us, ameen.

The environment of where I'm living now, is quite unhealth…

Antara yang 5

Agama, Bangsa, Negara, Keluarga, Diri Sendiri. 
At the end of the day, you have to choose one among the 5 choices you have. Your sweat and tears, your sleepless nights, your struggles and hardwork..................... untuk siapa? Untuk siapa dari antara those 5 options.

3 weeks ago, we were made to go to Kem Biro Tatanegara. Yes, we weren't very willingly to go. (thus, "made to"). Basically, this kem adalah untuk pupuk your semangat cinta akan negara, jati diri, to be someone yang berdisiplin, so on and so forth. However, as day passed by, every activity getting more political. That's the part where they err

Ada satu aktiviti, yang kami dipecahkan mengikut kumpulan kecil2, and were placed in a very small room for discussion, dan ini adalah aktiviti yang dijalankan. The 5 things tu.

"Antara pilihan yang kamu ada dihadapan kamu, pilih satu je yang betul2 penting dalam hidup kamu"  said the Faci.
"can we choose more?"

cloud nine

I'm forever amazed by how a person would make you a thousand different ways- confused, happy, sad etc at the same time, makes you feel the entire world isn't what you need, makes you feel like flying but your feet still on the ground. The only thing you need is that person. The same person that makes you smile without having him physically before your eyes, because picturing him in mind is more than enough.
It annoys me how everything that i do reminds me of him. It annoys me when I get caught smiling to myself, when I remember funny things that we ever talked about. It annoys me when he is no longer here to do great things together. It annoys me when he sometimes doesn't reply to my text. It annoys me when I cry because I've missed him a lot. But it annoys me in such a good way. 
            I still remember tho, back in asasi days. I knew his timetable so did he. Everyday, i would create a chance for myself to ‘terserempak’, ‘terjumpa’ this guy. I didn’t do this alone…

Agar dia hilang dari bumi.

Ada satu hal tentang diri saya yang harus saya ubah, untuk kebaikan diri sendiri. Saya terlalu percaya sama orang, terlalu naive. Maybe, simply stupid.

 People take advantages on me. Like one man did........ he's the first.

 Betapa saya kerap berdoa kepada Tuhan, agar dia hilang dari bumi. Biar dia hilang dari my mind.

 Kerna dia, I feel very stupid. How can I blatantly, stupidly believe a man out of my family circle?

 Syukur kepada Tuhan, Dia beri saya petunjuk. I was the one who asked to end 'us' because ada suara dalam hati yang kerap sekali cuba meyakini saya bahawa saya tidak akan boleh suka that person. read: cinta.

 Rupanya ada hikmah yang paling besar Tuhan pernah beri buat saya. I Thank You, God. Alhamdulillah. Tidak lama selepas itu, hikmah itu baru muncul.

 Until one day, a friend of mine told dia sudah ada pengganti. Sudah lama bersama rupanya, even before saya dengan dia.

that old friend of mine, sebenarnya sudah lama mengingatkan saya sejak dari awal, bahwa…

My gems.

Little did I know that my life would turn out this bad?good? hahaha i didn't sign up for this kind of life. God, help me to get through please?
                I'm fine. Totallly fine. I'm enjoying every second of my degree life. Well, If you think it's hard, it'll be hard. and don't ever think It's easy and take it easy pulakk. Hahahaha :D. A week ago was our (first year medical students of UiTM) VERY VERY first progress test and we already have the idea of the torture we gonna get for pro exam. What makes it hard are; Negative marking & BEST ANSWER QUESTIONS (which, basically all the options stated are right but you have to choose the very best out of that many. Damn). headache.
                Seniors said, its normal to fail the test no matter how prepared you are to sit for the exam. But who would want to fail? Nobody. This is a matter of life and death hahahaha. Ya, i'm serious. Progress Test contributes to 30% of the total of whatever in order …
In the name of Allah the beneficent and merciful.

Ada baiknya tak jadi baik.

Whats up with that statement? Ya, it just popped out of my head 2 seconds ago when I decided to not to talk about money. Let's talk about something else.

While I was driving home from Giant (it was 9;30 am) I was stopped by a girl who gave me a signal for me to stop the car. I braked and pulled down the window.


"Kak, tolong bawa saya pergi 7E dekat dengan tesco tu tak?" Omg that was very easy. I go there everyday. Tapi....
"Oh dik, tu jauh sangatla. Akak tak tinggal situ. Buat pe nak pi situ?" I tried to not making any eye contacts at all.
"Saya nak pergi syarikat saya kat situ........." She replied with a subtle kelantanese accent. I wondered, 
Why want to go to a 'syarikat' wearing Ts and jeans, what syarikat would want to hire peopl…


I promise everyone, this post is going to be the funniest thing you'll ever had (from me)

It has been a week since I become a working lady (Alhamdulillah), mencari nafkah for anak2 noksssss. no. Okay, lets get straight to the story.

On the fourth day of working, I've been told that our baker assistant (Bijaya) had to leave Malaysia because of visas issue and our baker, (B--APETAH ok, lets name him, bismak) Bismak ni had to move to another franchise in Senawang. So, basically we'll get replacement persons for their positions. comes the new baker- Naren and asst Baker -Man Bahadur Chemjong , fuh! Man Bahadur has been staying in Malaysia for more than 7 years. 9 years- If I'm not mistaken. Therefore, he knows our slangs, cakap ajuk and the tradition in Malaysia. In simpler words, he is 6/10 Malay.

on the other hand, Naren has been staying in Malaysia for only 2 years- therefore, I am always in trouble speaking to him cuz he is still not fluent berbahasa Mala…